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Nicholas County Fire Departments are seeking your support for the County-Wide Fire Fee Ordinance.

Petitions have been made available at all fire stations in Nichols County, WV.
You must be registered to vote in Nicholas County to sign.

Aside from municipal fire departments, the Volunteer Fire Departments in Nicholas County only receive a bare-minimum State Funding, averaging $40-$48k per year. Fire Department operation budgets exceed well beyond this income.


Departments seek grant funding and conduct fundraising events throughout the year to help make ends meet, but it’s often a struggle to keep the doors open without the necessary funding to operate.

Proposed Rates:





1-3,000 : $100

3,001-5,000 : $200

5,001-7,500 : $300

7,501-10,000 : $400

10,001-25,000 : $500

25,001-50,000 : $750

50,001-75,000 : $1,500

75,001-100,000 : $2,000

>100,001 : $3,000

The success of this ordinance will provide adequate funding to:

  • Prevent Unnecessary Increases to Insurance Premiums

  • Maintain Emergency Operations

  • Provide Recruitment and Training for Our Departments 

  • Necessary Safety Updates

  • Maintain and Update Fire/Rescue Equipment

  • Ensure Adequate Testing for Our Equipment 

  • Provide Proper Firefighting Gear and Radios for Members

  • Invest in the Volunteer Fire Departments that serve Nicholas County, WV

A little more information on the Proposed Fire Fee Ordinance 


Proposed Ordinance Highlights: (Updated 2/19/2020)

-Petition Signatures must only be submitted by Registered Voters of Nicholas County, WV. Actual signatures and addresses must be obtained.

-Each fire department responsible for providing fire department services within Nicholas County, WV will be issued the fees collected in their primary district.

-Hardship Exemption Applications will be made available upon implementation of the County-Wide Fire Fee for property owners that deem necessary to be exempt.

-Property Owners of Out of City Structures will only pay the County Fee. Owners of In-City Structures will only pay the In-City Fee (Richwood and Summersville City Limits).

-This funding shall undergo an annual audit and will be managed by the Nicholas County Fire Board pursuant to WV State Code §7-17-12.

-Property Owners with receipt of payment of this County Fire Protection Ordinance Fee will be exempt from receiving personal invoices from Nicholas County Fire Departments for expenses not covered by insurance companies pursuant to Section 1.9 of the Nicholas County Fire Reimbursement Ordinance – used to recoup cost occurred from the response to incidents.

-Exemptions: Churches, Non-Profits, Tax-Exempt Structures, Outbuildings and Farm-Use Structures.

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