WVFD Station

About Our Department

The Wilderness Fire Department (WVFD), is located in small-town, rural Mount Lookout, West Virginia.

Our staff is made up from local dedicated volunteers and a number of combination members providing Fire & EMS coverage. 


We proudly serve a population area of approximately 3,500 residents - stretching over a 165 square-mile radius. 

Additionally, we can expect to see another 30,000-50,000 influx in our population each year from visitors and frequent travelers exploring our wonderful outdoor adventures & local attractions. 


WVFD specializes in providing Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Disaster Relief, Public Safety, and a variety of Rescue Services to the Communities of Mount Lookout, Mount Nebo, Nallen, Pool, Runa, Route 129 to the Summersville Dam, US Route 19 (30mm-37mm), and Route 41 to Route 60 in Fayette County.

Although, it's not uncommon to see our volunteers and rigs outside the district - as we frequently provide services expanding beyond our primary area.

As members of WVFD, we pride ourselves in our integrity, honor, commitment and we're truly        

Dedicated to Service.


We are constantly training in order to better protect and serve our community.


We strive to provide the highest level of protection possible to our citizens, residents, and visitors; allowing for the highest standard of care for

all of our patients.



Some of our services and accomplishments include: 

  • Responding to many areas of Nicholas County, including the Summersville Lake & Dam Recreational Area, and portions of neighboring Fayette & Greenbrier Counties too.

  • We're Second-Due to Downtown Summersville, WV - home to our local Summersville Regional Medical Center. 

  • Fire Service Based EMS Ambulances - Established 2017, our firefighter's undergo specialized medical training for certification as EMT's and Paramedics, to coincide with our medical and trauma operations. 

  • We house 3-ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulances, with room for expansion in 2023 to add another 4x4 Ambulance.

  • Rescue services are also provided to much of Nicholas County, including three major bodies of water located within, or close to, our area: Summersville Lake and the Meadow and Gauley Rivers.

Main Station 6 houses all our department apparatus and staff. The station was built and completed in the early 90's by our very own membership and community support.

Our station is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certified shelter. This allows us to house anyone who needs shelter during a disaster of any type. In the past, our station served as a(n) disaster supply distribution center, American Red Cross Food Supply center, and warming shelter amid freezing temperatures.

The station has the capabilities of housing our own, as well as out-of-area volunteers helping with disaster relief.


Proud Recipients of
West Virginia's
Next Top Ambulance Award

Two years in a row!